Some of the most modern wall ideas for your apartment at a glance

The wall ideas are one of the most important topics in the modern interior design. The surface and therefore the furniture and decoration they gain by reducing more and more importance. Modern wall ideas can beautify any room, finish, and appear unique. It didn't even take a centimetre square of the interior surface.

Paint stains

You want art on the wall, but everything seems kinda boring you? Would they neither images, still photographs, because they are so banal? An elaborate design can consist also of colorful circles and squares. You can determine the exact dimensions and colours in line with your own taste and then select.

Create a custom image wall

What are your favourite images? Print these out and it make an own picture wall. Consider various design ideas. Play it with the different sizes and shapes of the frame! To make sure you can capture different possible combinations before the implementation of the project.

This can be done either on a cardboard box with proportional dimensions or directly on the wall. Of course you would have to use a pen in the second case, easily can be wiped off after that. Unless you are sure that the drawings of the Plan phase with the images then suspended are hidden.

By the way, you can order also your favorite picture as photo wallpaper.

More of your most popular color

Do you have an absolute favourite colour? Then these can be attached to the wall. So you feel happy and motivated every day.

A set that motivates you

Do you have a motto or a favorite quote? Write them in artful writing on the wall! Therefore refine and embellish your minimalist home.

Empty frames

This is a very funny new trend that is fast gaining popularity. It actually has it with a serious art to do. Combining different framework is obviously not an easy task. If you try it, you would notice it yourself: it's very difficult to give a harmonious acting constellation of picture frames.

Here are some tips: combining different colors usually looks. Round and rectangular frame on an and the same wall are however not a good idea!

Simple accents made of wood

Wood, natural and soft materials are a hit in the wall decoration. You will see the most attractive from a natural stone wall out, or whose successful imitations. Combine this with artful indirect lighting. In addition, emphasize the natural beauty of the wall by them as free. The simple wood accents are unnecessary and not nice look when they are competing large pieces of furniture.

At the end of three tips for small defects in the wall decoration

In everyday life, we need some artistic ideas, which hide the minor defects. These are small scrapers on the wall or other outlets that do not enjoy the sight. Use stickers, to hide them and at the same time to give your interior a designed appearance.

Such motifs with flowers, butterflies, points are most suitable. Choose what fits best to your interior design and matches your preferences.

An ornate wall decoration may consist only of colored triangles and squares

Provide a modern accent wall in the living room

The wall ideas are one of the most important topics in the modern interior design

This photo wallpaper will take each visitor views

A playful idea of wall with different boxes

Modern wall ideas can beautify any room

Creative wall ideas for the bedroom

An interesting and original wallpaper can be easily integrated into any room

Wood, natural and soft materials are a hit in the wall decoration

Ever more colourful, more trendy

A relief wall - great idea for the kitchen and dining room

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